Louies Plumbing

Located in San Diego County, our crews of highly trained technicians and supervisors are usually right around the corner when needed. We get to the problem faster than our competitors, with a rapid response time, guaranteed.

With 20 plus years of experience, Louie's Plumbing has been providing comprehensive, white glove plumbing services to San Diego. From basic home repairs to building-wide upgrades to ongoing maintenance services, Louie's Plumbing delivers a level of service and professionalism rarely seen anymore.

Our expert technicians arrive on site armed with experience, know-how and equipment necessary to to tackle virtually any job.

  • Drains & Pipes
    A single home holds drains of all shapes and sizes. Overtime, these drains can get clogged up due to a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are ...
  • Slab Leaks
    A slab leak is a leak that is under the foundation of your home. Some of the most common ways to detect a slab leak are: feeling heat coming through t ...
  • Leak Detection
    Is your water bill higher than normal? Chances are, one of your pipes has a leak. This type of issue can cause major damage to your home and should be ...