Services & Equipment

We maintain an effective inventory of high-end quality parts and equipment to meet your needs. It is our full intention to approach each matter with the correct tools to get the job done, without cutting corners.

Our most used equipment includes electronic leak detector, hydro-jet, and video line for drain inspection.

Gas Lines

Without the proper care and installation, gas can be leaking through your pipes without you even knoing. This is highly dangerous and should be addressed immediately. Follow the steps below if you are possibly experiencing a gas leak. If you are looking to re-pipe or re-route a gas line, Louie's Plumbing tecnicians are highly experienced in pipe threading to ensure safety for you and your home.     Follow the Steps below when experiencing a gas leak:
1: Leave the premesis immediately
2: Do not light a match or plug/unplug any electrical
3: Call SDG&E or 911 after leaving the premesis

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